Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spiffs, Chachkies, Trinkets, and Giveways, It’s a Battlefield!

I don’t know about your company but here at Bishop-Wisecarver conversations always get heated up when we start talking about our trade show giveaways. We are currently preparing for our next big show which will be FabTech in Chicago, November 14-17. If you are going to the show you can sign up for an appointment here. We will be showcasing our brand new booth creatively constructed for us by the fabulous folk at Mirror Show Management.

One school of thought is that engaging and fun handouts are valuable as a source of brand awareness. People love to play with fun and creative stuff and if they really like it, the item may actually find a home on their desk; conveniently with your logo starring at them. The hope is that the next time they are in the market for a product like yours, they’ll think of your company faster or sooner, and ultimately you may gain a sale.

Another faction of the group solidly believes (probably because they are engineers) that handouts must serve a purpose. They need to help our customers with something, ideally in reference to our products. They want there to be value in what we give away, or why do it at all?

Which leads me to the last camp, all giveaways are worthless. No one values them regardless of what the item is and nine out of ten times it is just going to end up in the hands of the vistor's children; thus no value to the customer and not even a useful tool in promoting brand awareness. Not too many seven year olds care about DualVee guide wheels or how to solve their linear motion issues!

So what camp are you in? Make it fun? Make it useful? Or just don’t even bother? What is the best giveaway you ever got? I’d love to read your ideas and feedback.

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