Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Impact of Uncertainty

League of Women Voters
I dread presidential elections. It’s not just the endless chatter of political talking heads making news out of nothing that drives me crazy, it’s the impact it has on my business at Bishop-Wisecarver.

Every four years about this time, I start to hear the same story over and over from my sales team: Customers hesitate to place orders because of “uncertainty” in the market.

I get the fact that businesses don't like uncertainty, but I struggle to really reconcile why not knowing who the president will be prevents people from conducting business.

I often wonder if we tend to create our own reality around this concept. Are there so many messages in the media about uncertainty and fear that people overreact?

Do you see this type of “uncertainty” affecting your company? If you're a job seeker, has this been used as a reason to not hire at this time? How “uncertain” is the current state of affairs in your industry? Will getting past the November elections make a difference for your business? Tell me what you think in the comment box.