Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Will Win the Manufacturing Race?

I have just finished up a week of travel in India, and while I have been to Asia numerous times, this was my first visit to India. I toured numerous manufacturing facilities, and was very impressed with what I saw.

Our press in the states is filled on a daily basis with information about China and the country's growth. The Chinese government makes no bones about their plans around manufacturing and their desire to be the largest manufacturing power in the world. I wish our government had the same desire. The facilities in China are rapidly improving, as well as the infrastructure. Yet, after my visit to India, I wonder if in the end India may be the biggest winner of all.

I was impressed with what I saw in this country -- a desire to learn and succeed. In China, there is still a drive being pushed by the government, but I often feel that people operate in large out of duty to the collective good and the will of the government. In India, the desire rests at an individual level. Maybe I perceive India this way though because of my own American drive for personal growth and prosperity?

Only time will tell who will ultimately win the manufacturing race. Who knows, America may still recoup and regain the power it once had in manufacturing. But after this trip, I no longer believe it is a slam dunk in favor of the Chinese.

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