Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lure of Three

Being an alumnus of the University of Arizona, I am by default passionate about college basketball. We had a fantastic ride under the great coaching of Lute Olson. With Lute leaving we have moved on to Sean Miller and he had an amazing year with the team, leading them to a part of March Madness and all that attention that comes with making it to the Elite Eight.

Our last game was against Connecticut.  We started out guns a blazing. I was very excited to see us take such a command of the game. And then a shift in energy happened and we lost our lead. After the halftime we came out with a renewed focus. The energy was back on our side and as the game was coming to the end it was looking really good for Arizona. But then it happened, as the clock counted down we got more and more caught up in scoring the three pointer. And as we headed into the last minute it was our demise, in my opinion.

Since the game I have thought a lot about those last twenty seconds. I wonder why the team could not see the value in going for the two pointer and taking it to overtime? Instead it was a repeated attempt to go for the win with the three point option which ultimate left them the loser by 2 points. I understand there was no guarantee we would have won in OT. And maybe the team was just too tired to take it OT. But Butler had just succeeded previously in OT and I thought for sure we could do it.

It makes me wonder if I do this in my own life?  Do I tend to go for the quicker win versus taking the longer safer road that might still result in a loss? I know that is definitely true when it comes to diet and exercise. Everything you read tells you consistency is key – slow and steady does win out. But I have a hard time with that and always tend to overdo it and end up sore or hurt.

Do we do this at work? I am sure I have. Maybe it is just part of the human spirit to want to take the risk and go for the three pointer versus the safer two points? Or is it an American thing? We want to win and win big. It is a great story to win with the three pointer in the last second, instead of in OT. So what is your risk taking style – do you go for two or are your lured by the three pointer?


  1. Great blog! Reminds me of this quote: "Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more."

  2. Great quote. Thanks for posting!