Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why We Need to Put Our Kids FIRST

Watch this years challenge - Logomation:

Last year I blogged about my opinions shared in an editorial for PD&D Magazine on FIRST read here

This year I am proud to once again be a sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Competition. As a supplier we donate to the kit of parts for all teams at the silver level. Locally we are very proud to sponsor three high school teams:
This year's game is tough and I continue to be amazed at how smart and creative these kids are, when challenged. We should not need programs like FIRST in order to engage and grow our kids. Thank god it does exist due to all the corporate supporters who see the need for more STEM education. 

In a recent online article by Thomas Claburn , of  InformationWeek  on January 11, 2011 he writes, "At the recent 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the CEOs of GE, Cisco Systems, and Xerox worried that America's K-12 education system was failing to prepare students for the demands of the technology industry." 

In reaction to this Google has now launched on online Science Fair for full time students between the ages of 13-18 with a computer and an internet connection. I can't wait to see what creative ideas come out of this competition.

As for FIRST, the teams are in full design and build mode. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel to watch videos of the teams as their robots get built. Watch Here


  1. Pamela, I heard William Daggett of the International Center for Leadership in Education speak yesterday in Concord at the East Bay Business/Education Leadership Summit - he was really compelling. You might like to check out his White Papers such as Globalization - Tipping the Scale of Economic Supremacy ( He really got the crowd of educators and business people fired up!

  2. Jesse, thanks for the heads up. I need to find out how to get an invitation to those meetings? I will definitely check out his white papers. Thanks for passing this information along.