Monday, October 1, 2012

Does Your Wallet Reflect Your Mouth?

Credit:  Images of Money
At the start of the Olympics there was quite a brouhaha about the fact that the uniforms worn by the American team for the Olympics were not made in America. It appeared everyone was more than eager to jump on this band wagon and, to top it off, throw in an extra dash of China-bashing.

When was the last time you requested an American-made product? Do you check the country of origin before you buy? If an item is made in America are you willing to pay more for it to allow for the living wage and workplace and environmental regulations that produced that item?

I hear an awful lot of chatter lambasting companies that move production offshore but then I see the actual purchasing behavior of the masses voting for the cheaper non-American made product on a regular basis.

I have started trying to buy only clothes made in the USA. That has turned out to be pretty limiting. I have since opened it up to buying only from those countries that provide living wages and safe and healthy work environments; still not an easy task.

In our current economy, I can understand people choosing the cheapest option. But is that choice working against all of us in the long run? Then again, in the evolution of a “world” economy does it really matter where a product is produced?

How do you vote with your money? Do you go for the best bargain? Do you strive to support American industry? Does any of it really matter? You tell me.

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