Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your One Piece of Advice

I am currently in Vancouver BC for the annual Women President’s Organization conference.We ended a great day of programing last night with a dinner. At my table our hostess threw out a fabulous question – looking back on your time as President what is the one thing you wish you had done or learned sooner? Wow! Great question and it fueled a fabulous evening of discussions. What is great is that all the advice was relevant regardless of the business. From me being a manufacture of bearings and linear guide systems, to law, marketing, construction, consultation, healthcare and production companies, the advice all rang so true for all of us.

The following is a list of some of the top pieces of advice we discussed:
-          Trust your instincts
-          Make your career something you really love and inspires you
-          Don’t be afraid of lawyers
-          Be committed to your decisions
-          Ask for help – reach out to your network
-          There is real power, knowledge and support in peer review groups
-          The more you delegate, the more your business will grow
-          Learn and continue to work on how to be a great leader
-          Don’t be afraid to scale your business
-          Have a strategic legal plan for your company

This is the start of a great list. I would love to read what others advice would be. Please post your comments below for all to learn from.


  1. How about: Respond to your customers.

  2. That is a great addition. Especially now that we have so many more opportunities with social media to communicate with our customers and get feedback. The expectation for responses in short periods of time is growing.

  3. From my Facebook page my friend Susan wrote - I think it's important to listen - really listen - to your top employees one-on-one. To not only get their insights, but to show respect for their work and dedication.

  4. Practical, Proven & Inspiring Advice