Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's All in the Family

Being part of a family business has its pros and cons. Succession can be very tricky and can leave permanent scares on the family. I found a wonderful program at Center for Family Enterprises, Kellogg School of Management called Governing the Family Business. It was really great to sit in a room full of people that all know and understand the emotional side to running a family business. Professor John Ward knows family business like no one else I have come across. Now Kellogg, John Ward and Ivan Lansberg have added a new program, New Leadership for the Family Enterprise. This is a new one week, residential course for anyone who is nearly or newly taking on a leadership role in their family business – president, or chair or family council head, etc. For more information check out http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/execed/programs/LEAD23/index.htm. I know for me, their programs are the best bang for my buck!


  1. Kellogg always has terrific programs! Thanks for turning us on to this one.

    Until recently, I was the Executive Director at the Hawaii Women's Business Center where one of our most popular roundtable discussions was a revolving monthly discussion on the challenges of running a family business. (The most harrowing stories were the ones where a husband and wife worked together.)

    Thanks for the head's up!

    Kay Lorraine
    Nonprofit Executive
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  2. Kay - If you can't make it to Kellogg, I highly recommend the books written by John Ward. I reference several of them on a regular basis.